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My Evolvement SF stories feature evolutionary processes as a significant force, a linking hand of destiny, which mainly from cultural evolution may not be dominant or swift, yet ultimately can neither be denied or outmanoeuvred. Whether a sentient anti-meme fighting its evolving targets, a civilisation locked into apocalypse by defying evolutionary realities, the appalling outcome for a rich and powerful individual who prolonged existence far past the time of their obsolescence, fierce clashes across evolved cultural rifts, or aliens, professors and space travellers who all in different ways tinker with evolutionary processes or inheritances they cannot control, the hand of evolution pays out the consequences, prepares their fates. For more see the ‘About’ page.

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Part 3 of ‘On Writing Groups’ from NSFWG

From the NSFWG…
In the third part of our ongoing series series of posts detailing what we get out of being involved in a writing group, we turn to Kevin Burke, science-fiction & fantasy writer.
First, a confession. Unlike the previous two writers on this subject, I am no longer a member of NSFWG. (I know… I’m as cut up about it as anyone… but sometimes life moves you away from the things you love.) However, no longer being ‘on the inside’ does give me the chance to look back on my time with the group, and to muse upon the usefulness of writers groups in general, with what I hope will be something akin to objectivity. (Who am I trying to kid? It’s going to be as subjective as hell, of course it is, so let’s just accept that from the start and move on… ) Here goes…

For the full post, go to the Northampton Science Fiction Writer’s Group site here. And keep an eye out for Part 4 coming soon…

Part 2 of ‘On Writing Groups’ from NSFWG

Author-Foo from Writing Groups – Woo!

This episode from me 🙂 . You can see the original post at the NSFWG.

Writing can be a lonely occupation; you sometimes feel you’re out in the dark, working in complete isolation…

While there’s no substitute for imagination and some inherent talent, a good Writing Group can supply this Foo, and much more besides 😊. For instance, camaraderie. Most budding writers begin thinking about joining a Writing Group when they’ve already been scribbling (metaphorically – it’s mostly tapping) for a long time, possibly years, closeted in their bedroom or office or riding the bus or wherever. Hence, they are likely already familiar with a big down-side of the writing trade – it’s a lonely occupation! Not only in the sense that one (typically) works long hours in isolation with all this emotively implies, but also in the sense of having no mentors or colleagues with whom one can regularly interact, as would be the case for most jobs from car sales to software to welding to management. One is out in the dark, so to speak, regarding the desired and necessary skills; distanced from the places and people somewhere else in that dark, beyond your vision, where the magic of authorship must be happening. And online advice seems a thin and anonymous light on the process, less rich and rewarding than actually discussing techniques (not to mention your actual works) face to face with other budding authors plus, critically, those with more experience.

So, find a group in your area and try for membership, then say goodbye to the loneliness of the trade and hello to mutual support from a ring of valued writing buddies and friends…

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‘Waters of Destiny’ now in single Paperback!

‘Ancient Plague as a Bio-Weapon.

A cult of assassins living on as modern day Terrorists.

Could a scrap of medieval poetry really hold the key to saving an unsuspecting world from the grip of deadly pandemic? Canadian historian Abigail Leclaire has no idea of the danger she faces as she attempts to learn more of a 14th century poet and solve the riddle of a few tantalising lines of verse. Soon she becomes the focus of attention from both the CIA and other, darker forces. Without fully realising the implications, she finds herself in a race against time to stop the lethal outbreak of worldwide pestilence.

In this stunning novel, award winning author Ian Watson teams up with scientist and author Andy West to deliver a breathless blend of conspiracy theory, techno-thriller, historical fiction and the Da Vinci Code, telling an all too convincing tale of deceit, murder, and cataclysmic events that reach from the distant past to threaten all of our tomorrows.

An omnibus edition that combines both “Assassins’ Legacy” and “Assassins’ Endgame” under one cover.’

See the BOOK WALL for Amazon links; pictures from the launch by NewCon Press at the 2019 EasterCon, Ytterbium, follow…

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Exactly what he needed to hear!

A great post about being in a Writing Group by NSFWG member Paul Melhuish. (Part 1 of a series, ‘On Writing Groups’, to be continued in coming months).

‘I was three quarters of the way through my epic novel of small-town alien incursion, Britain’s answer to The Tommyknockers or so I thought. I’d send out the first couple of chapters to the writers group thinking it would wow them with its inventiveness, its oddness. Its unheimlich.

They weren’t impressed. The concept didn’t work.

This was exactly what I needed to hear…’

See the Northampton Science Fiction Writing Group website for the full post…

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